Double Ring Box

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Burgundy gloss wooden Double ring box, Perfect for Engagement Rings, Birthdays, Proposals, Diamond Jewellery, Storage and jewellery display

    * Smart and expensive looking, hinged, burgundy gloss wooden double ring box jewellery box is suitable for any gift occasion.

    * With a stylish cream microfiber interior,

    * The box has golden vintage looking metal fastener.

    * Comes with strong, good quality outer box.

External Dimensions                            Internal Dimensions

Length   108mm                                    Length   80mm

Width   85mm                                         Width   60mm

Height 48mm                                         Height 35mm

Box for Britain is a perfect place to have your packaging printed.

 Having your boxes or bags printed with your business name and/or logo is a great way to reinforce your brand and ensure your company is the first into your customers mind when they wish to make another purchase

We print boxes and bags using a ‘Hot-Foil’ technique. This is a one colour process which is done in-house using a selection of coloured foils.

 It is a process which combines heat and pressure leaving a thin coating of foil on the product. This is a very different process to ink printing. It uses a metal printing block which is heated and stamps onto the foil which is placed between the block and the box or case satin.

We use traditional hand-held machines, which makes short runs and a variety of packaging styles possible. As standard, we offer a one colour print, most commonly gold, silver and black. Printing blocks are manufactured in house, usually within 2-3 days. To make this possible we require a 2D vector-based graphic, supplied by you or created by us as a PDF or Adobe Illustrator file. A set of printing blocks costs £50 and can be purchased by contacting us by email, or on the phone.

We also use offset printing which is a great way of having unlimited colour or design options on your packaging.

We look forward to hearing about your desired printing style.



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